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System Discount 

In our shop operates cumulative system of discounts. The more purchases you make the higher percentage of discounts. You can use the discount as yourself, and make orders for their relatives and friends, and thus be able to get a big discount in our store. 

Once purchased 

than 250 UAH - 2% discount; 

than 500 UAH - 3% discount; 

than 750 UAH - Discount 4%; 

More than 1000 UAH - 5% discount; 

than 1500 grn - 7% discount; 

More than 2000 UAH - 10% discount; 

More than 3000 UAH - discount 12%; 

To begin to accumulate a discount you need to register or already be a registered user of our shop and buy goods at the desired amount. Discount system takes into account only fully delivered and paid order. 

Discount system does not include purchases done without registration. 

And also for your personal discount will be taken into account seasonal discounted shares.