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How to make orders

You can place orders on the site around the clock seven days a week. 24 hours a day.

If you find the necessary items that you would like to buy, then you can begin to create order: Carefully read the product description. There may be important information about color, size and features, etc.
Alongside the description of the goods you will always find the button  Кнопочка в корзинуwhen you click on it selected torvary fall into the basket, which opens in a separate window. Here you see the product manual work, and be able to fix the quantity, remove unnecessary, or completely empty the Recycle Bin.

In the top right of the store displays the status of your baskets: the number and value.

With basket page you can go back to the shop and continue to choose the products for this need to click "Close", or continue processing the order to do this, click the "Checkout" Making your reservation is carried out in 4 stages.

Stage 1. Authorization

At this point you will be prompted for username and password for registered visitors or register if you have not done this before. If you enter a shop you are logged (enter username and password), then you immediately proceed to the second stage. In the registration form all fields are required.

And you can also make a purchase without registration, for that you do not need to fill the field with the login and password, but the other fields are required.

Warning We recommend to register because only registered users are eligible to participate in the system of discounts.

Step 2. Delivery.

Must be very carefully check the shipping address and select one of the methods of delivery.

Stage 3. Payment.

At this stage you choose the payment method and confirm the address of the payer, if you want you can change it.

Stage 4. Order Confirmation.

This is a very important stage. You need to confirm the contents of the basket, selected methods of delivery and payment, as well as the address of the recipient and the payer. And, if you want you can, write a comment to the order.

When you click "Checkout", on the submitted e-mail will be sent a letter with information about the order.

If suddenly you that it was not clear or if you have problems with placing your order, we will be happy to assist you in any way convenient for you contact (phone, e-mail, online chat, feedback form)